How do I add a webfont to Squarespace?

If you're willing to pay

I offer font installation as a service. I've done this for several happy clients around the world. This is a good choice if you're not very comfortable tinkering with CSS-code.

And I've also created video-tutorials you can get on my shop where I'll show you how to install fonts to Squarespace by recording my own screen as I go over it step-by-step.

Do it yourself for free

  1. When buying or downloading the font make sure to get a webfont license. Common mistake is to accidentally buy a desktop licence which will not work.
  2. After buying / downloading fonts there's usually a .css file included in the .zip -file. Open in in a text editor and copy-paste everything to your squarespace site Custom CSS -field.
  3. Under the Custom CSS -field click MANAGE CUSTOM FILES -button and click the ADD IMAGES OR FONTS -button. Upload your font-files one by one. You will upload the font in several formats (usually includes .eot, .ttf/otf, .woff, .woff 2 and sometimes .svg). Make sure to upload all formats for maximum browser support.
  4. Inside the Custom CSS you have to replace the urls to the font files. The url's are inside 'something/example-font-name.ttf' - things  inside quotes. Select the url inside the ' ', hit backpace to remove it. Then while your cursor is inside the '' -quotes click on MANAGE CUSTOM FILES and click the correct file to paste the correct url to it.
  5. Repeat the steps 3 more times to replace all the urls with the font files you've uploaded.
  6.  Remove every instance of 'http:' so the url's begin with just '//static.squarespace...' 

Now your result should somewhat like this

If you only receive the font-files but not the CSS, you can copy-paste the CSS below to your Custom CSS -field and then use MANAGE CUSTOM FILES to add the correct urls

If you only receive .woff and .eot -files use this CSS code

You can now try out your webfont by adding the following code to Custom CSS -field

Use your font on all headings

Use the font as body text / paragraphs

Need help?

As I have to pay my rent I can only offer paid support for custom fonts. 
If you have problems installing fonts I recommend buying my step-by-step video tutorial or hiring me to install the fonts for you.