Vox Pop is a small Helsinki based web design & development studio. It's run by designer/developer Petri Pottonen. 


We help our clients succeed online.

Sometimes that means simplifying the navigation of your website to help your visitors find what they want quicker. Sometimes it means digging into your Google Analytics to find out how your visitors behave. Or getting even more personal by recording their visits as videos to really understand what they want. Sometimes you need design, other times complex custom Squarespace development. Or perhaps your e-commerce site need some better copy, nicer images and a retargeting campaign that shows Facebook ads to visitors who visited your site but didn't yet buy to lure them back to your site.

Whatever it is that your project needs, once we get to you you we'll know what you need. Then we either tell you how to do it, do it ourselves or find a superb partner specialized in just that.


After years of digging deep into Squarespace (our favourite web platform), helping hundreds of clients with design, strategy and development, digging through developer docs and Squarespace forums we've found some common problems lots of users have. For these we develop easy-to use plugins available in our Products page. If you have ideas for new products, don't hesitate to get in touch.


Pentagon Design Oy
Fashion Institute of Technology New York
Vilja Helsinki / Bob the Robot
Agenda Helsinki
East Fork Pottery
Malmgård Sjundeå