Vox Pop is a small Helsinki based web design & development studio run by Petri Pottonen. We Save our customers hours of time with our plugins and tailored custom code.


Introducing: Vox Pop Analytics

Need help with Analytics integrations? 
We'll integrate anything to Squarespace and Shopify.

Google Tag Manager, Facebook pixels & conversions, Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce, click tracking, contact forms submits, Adwords pixels, retargeting pixels or anything else you want to track or integrate!



We create Squarespace plugins and Shopify apps.

Full-width Blocks
from 29.00

Make any Squarespace blocks full-width!
Super easy to use.

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Grid Gallery Hover Title Plugin

Plugin adds titles of gallery block images in front of the image and adds mouse hover effects to reveal title.

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Facebook Messenger Squarespace Plugin
from 9.00

Easy-to-install plugin to have Facebook Messenger on your Squarespace site!

Save hours of hassle!

Just copy-paste plugin to your site and you’re set.

Full refund if you’re not satisfied!*

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