Squarespace Facebook Pixel installation


What’s it about?

Facebook ads are must have for almost every website. And to know if the people seeing your ads take valuable actions (purchase, add to cart, go to check out, join mailing list, spend more than 10 seconds etc) you need to have Facebook Pixel and event tracking in place. 

What’s this pilot about?

Usually even really basic Facebook Pixel installation is tricky (unless you love javascript) .

We’re developing the perfect Squarespace Facebook pixel installation code that includes tons of useful data. So instead of you banging your head against the wall until 2am reading unclear tutorials and perhaps finally almost getting it to work, for a small price we’ll make the perfect Facebook Pixel installation for you.

What does it contain?

  • Hassle free installation by experts

  • Facebook Pixel base & Javascript SDK

  • Conversion event to track sales

  • Product view tracking

  • Add to cart clicks

  • Go to checkout clicks

  • Email signups

  • Anything else you want to track! Just let us know.

Installation is done using Google Tag Manager to create clear, version controlled environment where same code can be reused for other tags (Google Ads, retargeting etc) and to avoid messy code inside Squarespace.

What does it cost?

This is a pilot project and we’re now looking for first users to tell us specifically what you really need. Pilot customers receive tailored custom code for fraction of the price a freelancer would take. Let us know what you need for a quote.

If you’re a fit can get started right away.

Lets do it!

Want Facebook pixel installed to Squarespace quickly, professioanlly and for cheap? Get in touch.