Squarespace Ecommerce Starter Pack


So you’ve started a Squarespace Ecommerce store?

Or perhaps you’re a digital marketed and your client uses Squarespace? Either way you’re in for a great experience. Crafting that beautiful site, planning those Google & Facebook ads and hustlin’ your way up!

It’s exiting and plain fun! …until it isn’t.

yourbusiness@gmail.com doesn’t look very professional but you couldn’t care less about installing mailboxes.

To know whether your Facebook ads and Google ads are effective, you need to install conversion tracking pixels but keep running into problems.

What about Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking? Squarespace has great analytics but quite limited compared to Google analytics which is industry standard for a reason.

Having a Facebook messenger plugin on your site creates more sales and is great way to get visitors back to the site but installing it is a pain in the ass.

”What the hell is Google Tag Manager and do I really need it?” (Yes, yes you really do!)

You might have heard that retargeting ads (showing ads to people who lurked but didn’t yet buy) are very effective but again you need to install conversion tracking scripts.

We’re making Squarespace ecommerce lovely.

Squarespace is a great DIY platform but some things just need a javascript-loving specialist.
That specialist is Vox Pop.

We believe you should spend your time doing what you’re great at and what you love, and leave all the other code-related nastiness to us. We love that shit.

Squarespace Ecommerce Starter Pack

Is our new service product where we’ll install all the boring but very necessaryt technical code snippets and integrations you need to get those sales. We’re constantly adding new services and we’ll tailor it to your needs. Currently we do:

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce - Integration

Google Ads / Adwords conversion tracking

Facebook pixel installation with event tracking

Email installation with custom domain and no monthly fee

Twitter pixel installation

Retargeting conversion tracking

Adroll, perfectaudience…

Facebook messenger website plugin

Google tag manager installation