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Squarespace analytics & integrations by Vox Pop

Lot of folks have had trouble integrating services to their Squarespace sites. We can't blame you! Google Tag Manager or Facebook Pixel conversions can be a pain the ass unless you're a developer. 

We're now developing new products to save you the trouble. Get in touch and let us help with any custom analytics, event trackings and integrations!


Google Analytics - Enhanced Ecommerce

A must have for any serious Ecommerce site! 

We're currently the only one offering the complete Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce integration to Squarespace.

Squarespace built-in analytics are great but there's a reason Google Analytics is the industry standard. If you add Google Analytics to Squarespace the regular way you will miss ton of useful data to improve your site.

A much better way is to custom code the Google Analytics integration and enable the detailed Enhanced Ecommerce tracking to see all your sales in Google Analytics. Make sure you spend your money and effort where it makes the biggest difference and run your Squarespace business with the data-driven way!

Google Tag Manager

By integrating Google Tag Manager to your Squarespace site you can track anything your visitors do.
Track e-commerce transactions, clicks, forms filled, how long visitors view your videos or any other events that are important to you. The tracked events are automatically sent to your Google Analytics account.

Facebook pixels & conversions

Create successful Facebook ad campaigns by integrating your Squarespace site with Facebook. Track purchases, add to cart -clicks and optimize your facebook ads to convert. Create audiences for retargeting ads to turn passive visitors into buyers and subscribers.

Adwords pixels & conversions

Integrate Squarespace with AdWords to create successfull AdWords-campaigns.

Retargeting & affiliate marketing

Integrate services like Perfect Audience and AdRoll to get people back to your Squarespace site and puchase, like and subscribe. 

Other 3rd party integrations

Want to integrate anything else to your Squarespace site but are not comfortable with code? Let us help.


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Currently all integrations are custom tailored. Plugins will be launched later after we get enough feedback. Depending on what you need most integrations range between $100–$700.

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