Custom Squarespace development


Vox Pop focuses mostly on doing custom development for Squarespace platform. We sell Squarespace plugins and tailor code and design for our clients. We're the ones designers, developers and agencies turn to when they face issues on Squarespace they cannot solve by themselves.
In a nutshell: if it's in any way possible in Squarespace, we can do it.

We've helped hundreds of clients around the world with smaller fixes and large and complex development projects using developer mode.


Our current rate's $100/h. We're good at what we do so most small dev projects we do range from 1-5h. You can expect to be working with the most talented Squarespace professional you can find. 

If the rate sounds like too much you can try a site like Just remember that we're here if that doesn't work out.

How to get started

Please fill out the form below or shoot an email to

Please include details about what you're after.

- Petri Pottonen / Vox Pop