Translate built-in words to your language

Translate built-in words to your language


***IMPORTANT NOTE: This plugin contains only some translations scripts. We will install the other snippets upon purchase (admin access to site required).***

Plugin that translates built-in word from English to your language.
Easy to install, just copy-paste. Video tutorial included.

If a translation of an element or template is missing I will custom code it for you (read more from below). 

If there are parts to be translated that we don’t have an existing code yet, we will tailor the code for you. 

In order to have the complete set of translation scripts on your site, add as a contributor (admin) to your site and we'll be in touch with missing translations.


Translate your site

Translations included:

- Translate month names for blog posts
- Translate next and previous blog post links
- Translate share-button
- Translate blog feed read more link
- Translate month names for events
- Translate calendar block (months and weekdays only)
- Get in touch if a translation is missing

*Some parts of Squarespace cannot be translated:

- e-commerce and pages that don't allow code injection
- dynamic elements that change their content
- admin panel
- Google Maps elements
- some rare dates that are not <time> tags. E.g. date of an event inside calendar block
- if you're unsure get in touch first.

Custom coded Translations

Because there are tens of templates that all require different translations not all cases are included at the moment.
However if a translation is missing you can contact me and I will create the missing translation and add it to the product.

How it works

I've written scripts that find the elements on the page and replace them with translations you specify. They are easy to copy-paste to your site. Translations are added after page load so you might see a quick flash of the english versions.