Squarespace page transitions plugin

Squarespace page transitions plugin


Adds smooth animated transitions to loading of your page. See video below for details.

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Customers say

 “Beautiful, reasonably priced and incredibly easy to install and customize. Customer support was quick and spot-on.”
 - Max / writecy.com

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Plugin details

  • Works on all templates except York, Jasper, Lange and Shibori
  • Does not work on Cover pages. Cover pages have a built-in fade in effect. But there is no fade-out or any other effect added by this plugin on Cover pages. 
  • Includes one-on-one support. If there's any problems I'll fix them on your site or you will receive a refund.
  • Add smooth transitions to your Squarespace site
  • Easy install: just copy-paste a code snippet
  • 50 different animations: fade, zoom, flip, rotate & combinations
  • Easily edit transition timing
  • Works on all modern browsers (Latest Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox, iOS)
  • Includes a non-transferrable single license for use on one domain. For unlimited developer licence to used on as many sites as you like check out our unlimited developer license version.