Grid Gallery Hover Title Plugin

Grid Gallery Hover Title Plugin


Plugin adds titles of gallery block images in front of the image and adds mouse hover effects to reveal title.

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Updated version 3.0!

  • Choose font-family

  • Option to add a transition to move the title up/down when hovering (used in demo below)

  • Option to add letter-spacing (used in demo below)

  • Mobile font-size

  • Enable/disable on mobile

Plugin demo

Plugin information

  • There are are free code snippets available. But if those haven't worked for you this one's guaranteed to work. If there are any issues we'll fix them for you or give you an instant refund.

  • Plugin affects all gallery blocks on your site that use grid layout. If you need to target just a single grid gallery, please contact us and we’ll modify the code for you.

  • Works on the Gallery block using grid layout. Make sure you're using gallery block and not a gallery page.

  • You can easily edit the following options: font-size, title position, uppercase or lowercase text, title text color, title background-color, image opacity when hovered, hover animation speed

  • Plugin doesn't affect the title font in any way. The font-family is inherited from the main font used in the template. Unfortunately it's not possible to change the gallery block title font using Squarespace Style Editor or this plugin without a little bit of CSS knowledge.

  • Works on latest versions of modern browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE

  • Only titles can be shown with our plugin. Description texts can’t be shown on hover.

  • On mobile (< 600px wide devices) where users can't hover, the plugin is disabled and title displayed normally under the image.

  • This licence is for single Squarespace domain only. If you want to to use the plugin on several sites, check out unlimited developer version.

  • Please note that long text masses that might overflow outside the image fall outside the scope of our support. If you have very long text masses, consider how small font-size you can use, whether you can make shorter text or use a different design than this plugin.