Full-width image blocks plugin

Full-width image blocks plugin


This plugin makes image blocks stretch full-width. See video below for details. Makes for powerful header images or nice large images separating sections on a longer page.

Includes licence to be used on one domain. If you want a freelancer or an agency and want to use the plugin on unlimited pages for your clients, buy the Full-width Image Blocks unlimited developer licence.

Download the plugin

Update: see our new full-width blocks plugin!

After feedback from tons of of happy customers we've created a new plugin that allows you make any block full-width
You can select any elements (e.g. just the first, second and 5th ) freely. 
And you can also set a maximum width for each block.


See the full-width images plugin in action

Full-width image blocks info

  • Easy to install: just copy-paste a code snippet. Done in a minute.

  • Make sure there is blank space on left and right side of the image block you want to be full-width. Making two side-by-side image blocks full-width is not possible with our plugin.

  • Includes one-on-one support: If there are any problems I will fix them for myself you or you will receive a refund without any hassle.

  • Works on all templates except: York, Flatiron, Lange, Shibori, Skye, Foundry, Indigo, Ready and Tudor. If your template supports Ajax-loading it must be switched off in Style Editor for this plugin to work.

  • Updated version 2: A new better version using feedback and experiences of over 100 happy customers includes better browser support, easier to install, tons of bug fixes, working on index-pages and ability to select a specific image

  • Browser support: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE9+, iOS, Android 2.2+, Windows Phone 7

  • Makes all images full-width or one specific image full-width. Multiple specific images not supported at the moment.

  • NOTE: Plugin does not make image blocks full-height nor full-bleed. Height of the block is determined by the content inside. For example with images we do not crop, stretch or edit the image. Height will be determined by the image dimensions.

  • If your template has content inset setting on Style Editor, please set its value to 0 to ensure our plugin’s functionality.