Full-width Blocks

Full-width Blocks

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Make any Squarespace blocks full-width!
Super easy to use.

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Customer experiences with full-width blocks plugin

Fantastic plugin! Easy to implement in so many ways.

- Alexander Michl

Plugin works really well and it’s also very user friendly. The instruction video was a great help.

- Trayton Ojala

Easy to install and works great on all devices. Better than great customer service.
Highly recommended.

- Eamon Heberlein

This plugin does ”exactly what it says on the tin”. Great product!

- Warren Elsmore

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  • Super easy to install: just copy-paste a code snippet. Done in 15 seconds.

  • Works for all Squarespace blocks (gallery-block, image-block, map-block, text-block, code-block etc...)

  • You can select all blocks or just the ones you like.
    Also possible to select for example only the first, third and 5th block of any type. Full creative freedom!

  • You can also set a maximum width so blocks don't get too big on very large monitors. This can be applied to each block separately or all at once.

  • Includes one-on-one support: If there are any problems I will fix them myself or you will receive a 100% refund instantly.

  • Browser support: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE9+, iOS, Android 2.2+, Windows Phone 7


License available for one site or unlimited number of personal and client sites.

Make sure this plugin works for you

  1. Make sure there is blank space on left and right side of the block you want to be full-width.

  2. If you want fullwidth-galleries make sure you're using a gallery block, not a gallery page.

  3. If you use one of these templates: Montauk, Avenue, Julia, Kent, Om this plugin does not work on index-pages.
    But works on normal pages on these templates.

  4. Does not work on templates where Ajax loading can't be disabled (Skye, Foundry, Indigo, Ready and Tudor)

  5. Does not work on templates York, Jones, Flores, Artesia, Harris, Lange, Jasper, Shibori, Wells and Flatiron.

  6. Plugin does not make any blocks full-height. Height of the block is determined by the content inside. For example with images we do not crop, stretch or edit the image. Height will be determined by the image dimensions.

  7. If your template supports Ajax loading, it must be switched off in the Style Editor for this plugin to work.