Facebook Pixel to Squarespace installation

Facebook Pixel to Squarespace installation


Complete Facebook Pixel installation to a Squarespace E-commerce site.

A must have for every e-commerce site using Facebook ads. Optimize your campaigns to spend your ad dollars only in customers who buy!

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Why you should let us install Facebook pixel for you

1. Doing it yourself is painful

No matter how you go around it, Facebook pixel installation = writing and debugging javascript code.
So unless you’re a front-end developer, this usually leads to you wanting to write angry comments to tutorials or wanting to destroy your laptop at 2am.

This can be avoided! Let us install the pixel so you can focus on your business! Or you know, just sit back and grab a Piña Colada and enjoy not writing javascript.

2. We’ll do a better, professional install

We’ve spent quite some time on this and have figured out the best method to install facebook pixel to Squarespace. You’ll see all the events like add to cart clicks and product views to further optimize your ads. We’ll install the pixel with Google Tag Manager so future tags (like Google Ads, analytics, etc) will be easy to manage and can use same triggers (like add to cart click) and variables (like thank you page purchase value, currency, taxes, shipping costs etc).

What you’ll get

Clean and professional installation with custom events for e-commerce.
Done 100% with Google Tag Manager to avoid any messy code in Squarespace and to make it easy to maintain and update.


  • Google Tag manager installation

  • Facebook pixel base & Facebook Javascript SDK installation

  • Purchase -event tracking, so you can optimize your ads for only the visitors who bring in the money.
    Event will contain order value and automatically detected currency information for each purchase

  • Initiate Checkout - event tracking (When person clicks on a checkout button)

  • Add to Basket - event tracking (When a product is added to the shopping cart)

  • ViewContent - event tracking (When a product page is viewed)

  • Ask for other events! For example email newsletter signup lead, initiate checkout or any custom event is possible. Any action you want your visitors to take should be tracked and we’re happy to help.

How does the process work

  1. You’ll temporarily invite us to as admin to your Squarespace site and your facebook page.

  2. We’ll code the Pixel and events.

Once we’ll get access, implementation is done within 2 business days.
Let us know if you have any questions or need something custom.

And if you’re not running E-commerce…

If you’re not doing E-commerce we can still help.
Contact us and let us know which actions you’d like to track.