Facebook Messenger Squarespace Plugin

Facebook Messenger Squarespace Plugin

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Easy-to-install plugin to have Facebook Messenger on your Squarespace site!

Save hours of hassle!

Just copy-paste plugin to your site and you’re set.

Full refund if you’re not satisfied!*

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Customers say

Works perfectly! Truly value for money, super easy to use. A massive time saver!
- Adam Martin


Why Facebook Messenger is the ultimate website chat?

✉️Messenger makes email feel like a 90’s fax machine

Emailing takes effort. Messaging does not. With email, reply usually comes the next day. Messenger is instant and saves tons of time for both.

📡Connection stays after visitor leaves

In other chat plugins the connection breaks when visitor leaves. You must be online 24/7. With Messenger you can reply when you want, they’ll get a notification and you can get a new customer.

💸No monthly cost!

Other chat plugins cost money. Even if they're freemium they will make important features paid.
Facebook messenger is 100% free.

💙Built into facebook you use daily

No need to install separate apps in your phone or keep chat apps open in a tab.
Facebook has a great separete mobile app for Facebook Pages.

Plugin info

Video demo


Best solution for non-coders

Guaranteed to get Facebook messenger working on your site.
If not, our developers will help.
If plugin doesn’t work, we’l issue a full refund.*

If you’re not a developer and want Facebook Messenger on a Squarespace site, this plugin is for you. Just copy-paste the plugin code you site and you’re set.

Product contains

  • Plugin code. Just copy-paste to your site.

  • Easy-to-follow video tutorial clearly showing every step. Follow it and you can’t fail.

  • Direct 1-on-1 email support. If you have any problems installing we’ll help you out with installation.

Available settings

  • Easy on/off -switch to temporarily disable plugin

  • Custom greeting text shown to visitors

  • Create specific greetings for specific pages!

  • Use your own brand color to match website

  • Select language to match your website

  • Control how greeting is displayed: shown on desktop and hidden on mobile / minimized on all devices / shown, or shown after a delay and then hidden.

Something not covered here?

Ask anything about the plugin, request a new feature or just say hi.


If Facebook messenger does not work on your site, our support will help you out with the install.
If we can’t make it work, we’ll issue a full refund.

About plugin & Legal info

Not affiliated or endorsed by Squarespace Inc or Facebook Inc.
Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin is a free product by Facebook Inc. and this plugin is not necessary to add it to Squarespace.
In this context “plugin” means copy-pasteable custom javascript code wrapper for Facebook Messenger website chat plugin to ease installation to Squarespace. Includes code with easier change of settings for non-codes, video instructions, and one-on-one support with installing. Technically this product can be thought of as more detailed instalaltion instructions for Squarespace install and support for installing if problems arise.