Facebook Messenger for Squarespace installation

Facebook Messenger for Squarespace installation


What you’ll get

We will install Facebook Messenger customer chat to your Squarespace site. Quick, painless and easy. No need to touch any code. We will handle everything. Spend your time running your business and leave uncomfortable code-stuff to us.

Usual delivery time 24h (mon-fri).

Full refund if you’re not satisfied!

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Why should you get it?

We love the new Facebook Messenger for websites. It makes our life so much easier and gets us customers we’d otherwise lose.
A must have for every online entrepreneur!

You’ll get a tons of new leads. The barrier to send an email is a lot higher so you’ll talk to more potential customers with messenger. The great thing about Facebook compared to others is that you can talk to the visitor even after they’ve left your site. They’d otherwise be an anonymous visitor that’s gone forever but now you can get them back next day and convert them as a customer.

It’s also a lot easier to shoot a few messages to understand what they are after than email.
Faster, more personal and a lot less effort!

Refund terms:
You have 5 days after the installation to get in touch and tell us you want a refund. After that the sale is final.
If you request a refund we will remove the Facebook Messenger from your site.