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To get your problem solved quickly please instructions below. 

1. Please be very detailed in what you're trying to achieve and what's not working.
  - Include us the specific page(s) where the problem happens.
  - Take screenshots if possible.
  - Please describe in detail the end result you'd like to achieve.
2. Make sure to add as an admin to your site. If you don't add us as an admin we cannot help.

Skype, iMessage etc. Makes contact lot faster.
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Which plugin are you using?
Please make sure you're detailed enough that we can do this for you.
Please be as detailed as possible. Also include urls of screenshots if relevant.
Please include your browser and which version of it you're using
If relevant, please include the specific page in which the issue happens
Have you added as an admin to your site? *
Please do! Go to SETTINGS --> PERMISSONS, click INVITE CONTRIBUTOR and check "Administrator" box.