Pilot projects


Need something custom developed to Squarespace or Shopify? For cheap.

What are Pilot Projects?

Should you read on or close this tab?

If you run Shopify or Squarespace Ecommerce site and you want to get more sales you’re in the right place.

What are Vox Pop Pilot Projects?

To create a great product we always work closely with a few “pilot” clients first to really understand your problem, what you’re after and exactly how the solution should look like.

Why should I care?

This the ultimate win-win, as you get tailored custom code for cheap, and we understand how our product should work before we start selling to masses.

Ongoing Pilot Projects

Squarespace Ecommerce Essentials
The absolute “must have” custom code you need to get those sales. Contains things like Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce installation, Facebook pixel and custom events, Google Ads Conversions, Facebook Messenger plugin, email with custom domain without monthly fee.

Squarespace Facebook Pixel installation
To advertise on Facebook you need to know whether your ads create actual sales or just clicks. Also needed for custom audiences to reach more buyers.

Squarespace Google Ads conversions and Remarketing tags
Must have to know whether your ads create actual sales of just useless clicks you need Conversion tracking. Remarketing tag lets you create ads for people who visited your site but didn’t yet buy which results in very high ROI.