Custom Squarespace development


Need custom code to Squarespace?

If you need anything custom coded to Squarespace get in touch!

What’s your experience with Squarespace?

We know our stuff.

  • 5+ years digging deep into Squarespace code

  • 2590+ Customers have bought and loved our custom plugins

  • 100+ Clients have turned to us with simple & complex custom Squarespace code needs

What can you do?

If it’s theoretically possible, we can do it.

There are a few things we don’t have access to. For example the checkout can not be customized by anyone. However any custom design needs, plugins, custom features etc. we can handle.

What have you done?


We’ve installed custom fonts. We’ve custom coded complex Ecommerce -analytics integrations. We’ve installed Google Ads conversions, we’ve coded multi-language sites, coded currency converters, designed hover effects, community forums. We’ve done UX design to improve the experience.

We combine code, design & understanding your business goals.

Why you?

We are the best.

Our clients love us. And for a reason. When customers approach us a with a request, we always try to understand exactly what you’re after. We then consider all the options to achieve just that. Because of this, often when a customer asks us to do X, we’ll suggest Y instead because it’s better, faster and cheaper. People really seem to like that.

That’s what makes us different.

How much does it cost?

Customizations start from about $100.

We’re not the cheapest. We’re the fastest and the most reliable. Our code is simple, clean and beautiful. If you’re a freelancer, we might be a bit expensive. If you’re running an actual business, we’re cheaper than others because of how much time and hassle we’ll save for you.

Who are you?

I’m Petri Pottonen, a 29-year old Helsinki based developer. I love The Beatles, black coffee & developing custom things to Squarespace.

Ok, lets do it!

Lets! Get in touch at contact[at]voxpopagency, or use the form below. Facebook messagers also work.