Squarespace — Always display full blog post (not excerpts)

EDIT 2017: The information in this post has gotten old!
Most templates now support this feature out of the box. 
Click the cogwheel icon for your blog in your pages -sidebar and go to Features:

Screenshot 2017-09-05 15.02.19.png

Unfortunately we do not offer support for our blog posts. Get in touch with Squarespace if the solution above did not work for you.







You've added excerpts to your blogposts. They look nice on content blocks but the blog no longer shows the full blog post content. Let's fix it.

Method 1: Using developer mode

If you're using developer mode, the solution is easier and prettier. Developer mode costs a bit extra so if showing full blog posts is the only reason it might be annoying to pay extra each month for it.

  1. To enable Developer mode go to Settings --> Advanced --> Developer mode --> and click the slide-button. "Yes I understand" but make sure you really do understand :)

  2. Check out the CONNECTIVITY DETAILS, and use an FTP Client to connect to them. I suggest Transmit or for a free solution try Cyberduck or google "free FTP client"

  3. Go to Collections -folder and edit blog.list -file with a text editor. I recommend Sublime text.

  4. There's a code that looks something like below. This will depend on your template.

5. Remove the excerpt stuff so it will look something like code below (Note! This will depend on your template so make sure you edit your file instead of copying from her) : 


Method 2: Using code injection

This is a bit of a hack and there are still some issues(!) 
More info about them below and in the end of the video.

  1. Copy the code below and paste it to Settings --> Advanced --> Code injection --> Header

  2. Click the cogwheel on your blog-page and see what is the slug. It's usually something like "blog" or "news" etc.

  3. On code injection add the blog slug-name inside the quotes where it says "insert-blog-url-slug-here".

This solution has issues some of which are listed below. If you want to actually use this in production you might wanna get in touch with me (petri@superabundance.co) for customizations. 

  1. Images videos and content that's not just text need some extra coding to make them work

  2. Not sure about next pages, category-pages etc.

  3. The excerpts are replaced after page loads which might take a while

  4. It's highly likely that there are other issues as well that will pop up. Might not work on all templates. I'll get back to them and edit this post with new better solutions when they come up.


-Petri Pottonen