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Vox Pop design agency

Welcome to Vox Pop. We're a Helsinki based web design and development agency, focusing on custom Squarespace-development, Squarespace plugin development and UX design. 99% of our work is done remotely to clients around the world. We're the go-to place if you want a better (Squarespace) website that provides a better experience for visitors and achieves your business goals. We're really good at WordPress too, but Squarespace is our current primary focus. 

From freelancing to an agency takes on where my freelance site left off. I've been freelancing full time for several years and now decided to create a brand for my office. Besides the domain and the contact email addresses not much is going to change. The biggest reasons for the change are that I often work and collaborate with other freelancers, assistants and agencies and having a brand instead of just my name hopefully makes this clearer in some cases (using specialists, subcontractors, having my assistant answer to some emails etc). I also felt kinda awkward about creating a Facebook page for myself so that should be easier too with a brand name. I also want to reserve for music production stuff and videos of funny japanese game shows.

Vox Populi

Vox Populi translates to english as ”Voice of the people”.

Most designers design for themselves and like pretty things where users just want answers and things to just work and be fast without having to think about it that much. And your visitors probably use your site in a funky way. They actually scroll the page using the scrollbar of their Internet Explorer version 9. They don't like reading all that text. They don't understand the creative design solutions your site uses. Unless the the site loads in a few seconds you've lost them.

They can be annoying and they're certainly not the place to ask for ideas for the design. But they're the ones we're designing for and because of that no matter how silly they might be they are the right. If they don't ”get it” the designer has failed.

The same thing applies even more to product/plugin development. To create successfull products we must find the voice of the non-design-professionals by digging through the forums, watching them use our sites using analytics tools and just asking. It takes quite a bit of work but is the only way to get anyting meaningful done.

The Vox Pop name acts as a reminder of this. Always design for the user.

- Petri Pottonen

Petri Pottonen