Tutorial: How to show a list of blog posts from another site on your WordPress site

The title of this tutorial could also be ”How to import RSS feed to WordPress as a custom post type.” 

The following tutorial shows how to display blog posts from another site (be it a Squarespace site, a Hubspot-site, another WordPress site) as a list on your WordPress-site.

1. Install a custom post type plugin to your WordPress site. I recommend for example the Toolset Types -plugin.
2. Install the WP RSS Aggregator plugin.
3. Install the WP RSS Aggregator Feed to post -extension . It's a paid extension but definitely worth it. I tried several free alternatives and ended up wasting several hours
4. In your admin panel a Toolset link appears in the navigation. Click it, click "Post Types" and "Add new"
5. Create a custom post type. The blog posts from outside the WordPress (e.g Hubspot) will be imported to this custom post type. If you want to display feeds from separate blog categories create a custom post type for each category. Settings for the Custom Post Type:

6. Once you've created the custom post type(s) click the RSS Aggregator link in the WordPress admin panel. Go to "Feed sources" and "Add new" Add your blog site RSS url in the URL field and select the post type you created as the Post Type.

Finding the RSS-feed on a Squarespace site
Finding the RSS-feed on a Hubspot site
Finding the RSS-feed of a WordPress site

Adding a fallback Featured image is a good idea. RSS feeds might have some bugs every once in a while.

7. If you want to show a list of blogposts on your WordPress site but have the "Read more" -links etc. link to the original (e.g Hubspot) -site, paste the following code to the functions.php of your WordPress theme

8. In your WordPress admin panel a link to the Custom Post Type you've created has appeared to the navigation. Click it and see if the blog posts from hubspot are importing correctly.
9. You can display the  imported blogposts in your WordPress template by copying the following loop code to your template and modifying it to show what you like:

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