Squarespace Video
Tracking Plugin


Why track video views?

If videos are an important part of your site, you must track video views!

You’ll gain deep insight into how your site and content is performing, which videos work and how well. If you’re a freelancer, you’ll know which portfolio pieces visitors like. If you’re a company or a startup, you can measure how well your product videos perform.

Also you’ll get more realistic bounce-rate calculations because if someone watches your whole video, they shouldn’t be considered a bounce.

From video view data you can easily create Goals in Google Analytics!

Simple view for video analytics

Why this product?

Lot of folk want to gain insight into their users but they are not professional developers and don’t want to spend time reading unclear tutorials. If you’re serious about your business and want to save your time for something more valuable, we’re happy to solve this for you.

As part of our new Vox Pop Analytics -project we want to create the perfect solution to tracking video views.

You’ll see detailed information in Google Analytics

  • Which videos were watched

  • On which page of your site

  • Video play start

  • Video reaching 10%, 25%, 50% etc until reaching the end.

  • Easy to create Conversion goals!

We’re first starting as a pilot project for first few customers where we tailor the code for you. In the near future we’ll create easily copy-pasteable plugin solution to be purchased at our store.

Squarespace Video Tracking Plugin Demo


If you want it…

For the first selected pilot customers we offer video tracking for only *20$.
As our normal hourly rate is $120, you’re getting it cheap. The reason for the low price is that we want to learn your needs in order to create a plugin in the future. You get professional custom code for cheap, we learn what our product should look like.

If you’re interested, please get in touch below.
Be quick as prices will soon increase after pilot.

* Price for simple video tracking. For more complex things talk.