Squarespace Click
Tracking Plugin


Squarespace Click Tracking Plugin Demo


Do you want to track clicks..?

…in Squarespace with Google Analytics? You’re in the right place.
If you’re frustrated with unclear tutorials and just want it to work right now without spending another minute at it, we can help!

We can track:

  • File download clicks

  • Any link clicks, inside and outbound

  • Button clicks

  • Basically any clicks! Or any events that users take.

As part of our new Vox Pop Analytics -project we want to create the perfect solution to tracking file downloads.

We’re first starting as a pilot project for first few customers where we tailor the code for you.

In the future we’ll create easily copy-pasteable plugin solution to be purchased at our store.


If you want click tracking coded to your site…

We’re currently working on building the plugin. Until the plugin is finished, we’re doing tailored freelance work to solve your click tracking needs. Working with clients directly allows us to built new features to the plugin according to what you need.

At the moment this is a custom-coding service.
Price depends on complexity of the task and is usually $50-200$ depending on how much customization you need.

Get in touch for a quote